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RLHF: A thin line between useful and lobotomized Episode 31

RLHF: A thin line between useful and lobotomized

· 13:08

Many, many signs of life for preference fine-tuning beyond spoofing chat evaluation tools.
This is AI generated audio with Python and 11Labs.
Source code: https://github.com/natolambert/interconnects-tools
Original post: https://www.interconnects.ai/p/how-rlhf-works-2

00:00 How RLHF works, part 2: A thin line between useful and lobotomized
04:27 The chattiness paradox
08:09 The mechanism for making models chattier
10:42 Next steps for RLHF research

Fig 1: https://huggingface.co/datasets/natolambert/interconnects-figures/resolve/main/rlhf/img_012.webp
Fig 2: https://huggingface.co/datasets/natolambert/interconnects-figures/resolve/main/rlhf/img_018.png
Fig 3: https://huggingface.co/datasets/natolambert/interconnects-figures/resolve/main/rlhf/img_025.png


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